Make Your Guests Feel like VIPs through Luxury Loo Hire Services

Whenever you are on your way to organize an event, you give your best to make your valuable guests feel better through best decoration, selective dishes, songs, music and so on.  But still you can make them feel like VIPs by hiring the services of mobile toilets. We at Luxury Toilets manufacture and design our own units with due care.

Our fleet of luxury loos comprises of latest technology and designs so that your guests do not face any difficulty at the time of using the same.  Our hire range of luxury toilets includes luxurious themed toilet trailers along with designer washrooms and many more. Get complete solutions for any professional or party event by shaking your hands with us!

Get the Most Effective Portable Toilet Solution

It is our pleasure to serve our valuable clients through proper planning that meet the estimated budget for organizing the event. Whether on your way to cater for a small private party or a gigantic party event; going with the option of luxury loo hire will get you the most effective toilet solution for the event organized.

It is a matter of great pride that our team of skilled professionals keep no stone unturned at the time of providing a first class service in order to reflect luxurious specifications of the units manufactured. Majority of them are purely self – contained due to which they demand standard power supply to operate smoothly.

Bid Goodbye to Old Hard Days

It is high time to bid goodbye to those days when your party concluded with an unsatisfactory note due to non-availability of reliable toilets. We have come to delight our clients by facilitating Portaloo hire within a reasonable budget. Both toilets as well as shower trailers ensure covering each and every aspect of contentment for the guest.

Regardless of the venue of your event, guests will for sure enjoy the invitation due to comprising of such a great facility.  Inclusion of wooden counters along with full length mirrors and fresh running water from chrome taps are some exotic features associated with luxurious toilet hire surrey.

Make Your Guests Feel Pampered!

Such an inclusion will really welcome comfort of a highly stylish interior to your outdoor party organized.  To make your guess feel positively pampered, we include body care products, fresh flowers, automatic air fresheners, high quality paper and soap along with sleek artwork. A smooth and reliable service promised!

Get in touch with us anytime as we feel delighted in serving our customers by providing the best service!

Hire the Perfect Mobile Toilets for Your Personal Use

Our wide range of toilet for hire services are provided along with the all the advice that our customers need. At D&P Luxury Toilets, we have team of highly skilled and efficient staffs that are completely trained in their relevant skills to provide our customers with all the toilets for hire that they require. We so extensively train our staffs with all the skills that they require in providing them with the toilets for hire that match according to the tastes and preferences of our customers. With our motto to provide our customers with the best services possible, we were able to attain the industry leading position in the market.

We provide out mobile toilet hire services to all kinds of events whether it is a corporate event, or an institutional event or a family event, we have all the kinds of toilets that our customers desire to have to. Whatever is the event type, our team of staffs will assist you in planning of the events also, in matters such as scheduling of the events, arrangement of the hired toilets in the event place, make proper arrangements for the guests invited to the event and also in planning the layout for the event. We always welcome our customers, if they have any inquiries from us that they require or in case they are left with any doubts regarding our services.

In addition to the Portaloo hire, we also assign an account manager who will be present along with the toilets inventory, who will be present all through the event of yours, guiding you, if you have any problems in using the toilets. Moreover, once you place the order for hiring the toilets for your event, one of our managers will visit your location, a few days in advance and observe the location to plan for the arrangement of the hired toilets. The manager will take control of all the arrangements that has to be made for the installation and all the schedules of deliveries of the toilets.

Our complete staff at our office will be always in your assistance to provide you with all the help you require in making the things as smooth as possible to handle effectively and efficiently. The manager that is present at the location of the event along with the prestige toilet hire will take care of all the necessary events, so that your event does not in any way gets disturbed with the indecency caused by the toilets hired.

Know the Reasons Why You Need To Hire Portable Toilets

Though portable toilets are indeed a must have in any event, they are often given the last thought by many of the event organizers. Some of the event organizers also go with cheap portable toilets to that they can keep their costs low.

There are a number of events that take place every year that are more than just weddings or birthdays. There can be events for fundraising or festivals, most of which do need portable toilets. If you are looking forward to have a good crowd mostly of VIPs, then you might as well need to opt for a luxury toilet hire.

Let us know have a look at the reasons as to why any event needs to have a portable toilet.

  • During many events, one might just be located at nowhere and having a portable toilet and provide quite a safe solution that is hygienic at the same time.
  • One more advantage of choosing toilet hire surrey is that once they are hired, the event organizers have absolutely nothing to do. The units have all inside it like the hand towels or sanitizers and are self contained.
  • Most of the companies that provide VIP toilet for hire also arrange for the service that will help these toilets clean and in good working order. The company will clean and disinfect the toilets so that cleanliness is ensured.
  • With so many options available for portable toilets, one might often get confused. It helps to talk to the company in such a situation. They can help you choose from luxury toilets, portable ones or even from standard toilets.
  • You also need to discuss with the toilet company about the number of guests you are expecting. If you have more people at the event, you might as well need more than a few units. These are a must have when you have event trailers and you really do not want to end up with some unhappy guests at your event.

While portable toilets provide a number of benefits, it is important to choose the right company as it involves hygiene and cleanliness. If the company you hire is not able to provide the right service, you might as well get into trouble.

As portable toilets do provide amazing service to the guests at your event, you as an event organizer need to make sure that they appreciate the same. So, understand the need to have one and hire the best services for the same.

Know How to Hire Luxury Loos Services – An Ideal for All Special Occasions

It is very common nowadays that many people would love to throw their special party, wedding day to a new venue or location which must be away from home or office, but the main problem they face that the arrangement of toilet facility for the people.

Enhancing the guest experience becomes necessary when they visited to attain your special occasions especially it becomes important to serve them with all privacy and facilities. For any type of occasion, avail toilet hire surrey services for the best elegant designed instant toilet. They are leading name in the market in serving the best portable toilet units to the customers as per their demand and budget.

Their services well fit for all parties, wedding venues, corporate event and outdoor occasions perfectly, and the professional services provider always keen to serve the client with complete services at best affordable cost. The luxury loos portable toilets are well designed to serve the ultimate feeling of luxury deluxe toilet experience with complete comfort.

These portable toilets are with all comes with best designs, curtains, full-length mirrors, fresh running water, beautiful fragrance, towel, soap, and hand wash liquid. With our luxury loo hire services, you can bring off a stylish interior that adds an extra feature to your outdoor event and makes sit unforgettable one.

With more than a decade we are providing the best luxury toilet services to the different clients and our ultimate aim is to satisfy the customer with the full modern package of services to make their entire event stress free as much as possible. The demand for the portaloo hire packages are increasing day by day and we also keen to improve our quality to enhance the guest experience.

Our portable toilets are associated with all facilities like:

• Clean mirror

• Hot and cold water

• Toilet tissue

• Best integral fittings

• Modern cupboard

• Dustbin

All these are basic needs of any modern toilet and we always try to make the clients feel like homely. Our each portable toilet are good in appearance, smart, spacious and contemporary. It is available in all sizes and design you can choose as per the event as we are very confident that we can supply you the best suitable services for your any kind of outer event.

In short, do not compromise in serving your guest effectively when we are there to make your event more reliable by providing best mobile toilet services at best cost and you can also assure of our best service attention at all times.

Setting Up Portable Luxury Toilets for User Convenience

With increasing number of outdoor events and parties, portable luxury toilets are the ultimate solution for all the washroom need.  The best part of these toilets is its ease of set-up, premium interior and convenience of alluring toilet facility justifying the event. Be it a wedding, corporate party or large scale event, the use of classical toilets is slowing being replaced by portable toilets. With luxury toilet hire, you can customise the interiors of a toilet with warm tones of colour, impeccably stylish mirror and toilet accessories. The toilets are equipped with everything necessary and set-up with ready to use attribute.

Benefit of portable toilet hire

With toilet hire Surrey, it is possible to set-up luxury toilets for various events. Most of the weddings take place in open space and using portable toilets for the guest is a great convenience. The toilets are available in various sizes with customised and beautiful interiors accommodating all the essential requirements. During an open event, the comfort and convenience of your guest should be at topmost priority and getting luxury toilets installed for the event take care of one of their very important need. They are great for temporary and precisely designed for events with great interiors and facilities.

Importance of luxury in toilet

Your celebration or event might be a super arrangement but one mistake with the toilets and it all goes down the drain. However, with portable vip toilet it is possible to hire the best and most luxurious toilets for the event. It creates an excellent impression in my minds of the visitors because the toilets are not only well maintained and clean but beautifully decorated. There is continuous water supply, accessories to decorate bathrooms, hues of colours and top notch quality of toilets that add to the luxury quotient.

Connecting with right suppliers

There are many companies which help in setting up event trailers with luxury and well accommodating bathrooms. However, before hiring a company to do the same there are certain aspects you need to keep in mind. The first and foremost importance should be to the quality of toilets and how graciously it is decorated. It should be attractive with important amenities for the convenience of users. The next thing you need to check is the service provided by the company in terms of customer satisfaction. Along with quality, you also need to check for the price and ensure you get the set-up in most affordable rates.

Luxury Toilets Hire in Surrey

Planning a major event is an incredibly very stressful situation. Let’s look at weddings function, for example; there are the details you immediately think of, such as the ceremony, catering and invites. On top of that, there are other factors such as venues and, may be the last thing people will consider, are the facilities. Yes, what do we indeed mean the toilets? It is when if you are having an outdoor ceremony or a massive number of guests at an event with not enough toilet facilities? Sure, you could move to a bigger venue, at big cost, or move indoors when you were looking to have an outdoor event in the summer. But why compromise your big day? Why not consider portable toilet hire? Indeed, there are so many events that take place outside, such as big garden parties, racing events, outdoor concerts and business events that could turn disastrous without luxury loo hire.

Of course, the phrase ‘portable toilet’ will make horrific images for many of us. Portable toilet hire is very rarely associated with ‘luxury loos’. However, these preconceptions now finally be discarded, thanks to companies in provide toilet hire service in Surrey, which are striving to reinvent the image of the lowly portaloo hire.

There are so many companies in the Surrey which are specialized in luxury portable toilet hire.  These companies provides luxury loos service designed specifically for special events rather than everyday occasions, and are much classier than your ‘bog’-standard portaloo. But what is the difference in a luxury portable and a unit from the usual variety? Well, first of all, you can guarantee that these toilets will turn up to your event cleaned to a much higher standard. Your standard portable toilet hire units are basic plastic boxes, unlikely to be anything other than a seat and basic flush mechanism. So when they are emptied, they will be hosed down and disinfected, but it not thoroughly cleaned it out. On the other hand, as you may expect, the toilet hire surrey are totally beautified after each use.

Of course, a thorough clean is imperative. These units are totally different to your normal cubicle units; they come in large units than portaloos, separated into one side for women and other side for men, usually containing lots of urinals as well as a single toilet. Furthermore, they distinguish themselves as the most luxurious in the luxury loos industry by having the class of bathroom one would expect to find inside a venue. These toilets come with carpeting and fully working sinks with mirrors for making sure you are looking as good as you could.  Also include air fresheners, and even a sound system to pipe music into toilets.

Areas Covered and Services Provided By D&P Luxury Toilets

Brief Introduction to Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are basically used in varied situations which include urban slums of developing countries, different festivals, campaign and much more. For the construction and building industry, D&P Luxury Toilets offer portable toilets hire and temporary fencing options. The services are not only limited to building and construction industry but are also available for large and small functions and events.

About D&P Luxury Toilets

The D&P Luxury Toilets team are well known for their professional service and friendly service to their customers. The selection of portable toilets ranges from flushing toilets, builder toilets through to luxury mobile bathroom based on the customers’ requirements and wish. The company provides competitive service mainly to Home Countries and London.

D&P Luxury Toilets are specialised in providing VIP toilet and luxury mobile toilets for various events which includes parties, weddings, concerts, balls, sporting events, exhibitions and much more. They work very efficiently as the team member’s experts in planning the requirements for few specific events along with the backup plans during the events if required.

Services Provided By the D&P Luxury Toilets

D&P Luxury toilets provide the facility of mobile toilet hire and provide a range of luxury mobile toilets. The luxury mobile toilets are mostly of environmentally friendly toilets made off with fresh water flush system along with designer units. The choices of toilets provided by the team members are given according to the preference of the customers. Some of the areas covered by the company include Berkshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey and much more.

Disabled Friendly Unit

This unit not only provides toilet facility and vanity facility for guests but also provides a fully equipped easy access room. They also offer disabled portaloo which is basically plastic easy access cubicle toilets for disabled people. The toilets are accessed in such a way that it makes wheelchairs users’ feel very comfortable and thus can also enjoy the same level of standard facilities as the rest of the guests.

Luxury Portable Toilets for Outdoor Events

The prestige toilets hire facility at D&P Luxury Toilets to provide a range of luxury portable toilet facilities in order to meet each and every requirement of their guest or client. They aim to provide most luxurious accommodations and facilities in order to ensure that the customers get the full satisfaction from the service provided by the company. D&P Company offers a wide range of configurations and design according to the customer’s desire and needs.